Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dr. Seuss's birthday--how we spent it

We have a plague going through the house, it's called the flu. It knocks you right off your feet for 4 whole days. It started last Friday with Alex and I. This week it has knocked out Aaron and April too, so today for Dr. Seuss day we didn't do much. In fact we did nothing really.  But, since I knew it was Dr. Seuss's birthday soon we started early.

On Tuesday I did a little art project with Aric and Alex (the currently mostly well children). We drew The Cat in the Hat. Aric didn't like how his turned out so I let him paint mine.  I like how he painted it, and that he stuck with the main color theme, although I wouldn't have cared if he had wanted to make it his own color scheme.

It felt nice to do art again!


This is Alex's cat. He drew the first half, and then got frustrated so I finished the drawing for him, and then let him paint it. He really enjoyed painting the colorful background for it.


With 4 people being sick over the course of 6 days we've had time to watch all these Dr. Seuss movies.  Although we watched The Lorax only once. I didn't realize that both the blue ray and DVD ended up in the picture.


We've started to make our way through the stack of Dr. Seuss books too. But, even reading has been not very fun with this illness. Anything that requires thinking is too much. So, we have quite a few of these to get through still. (And yes, I do realize that some of these are not actual Seuss books)


Since I'm pretty sure no one wants to get into Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes today, here are the pictures of the boys from last year. This was a cute little photo session. We'll have to do this better when everyone is better.


Another from last year...


What did you do today? Do you like Dr. Seuss?

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