Saturday, March 19, 2016

A wedding reception

We went to my foster sister's wedding reception this evening. It was beautiful, and fun. April even said about halfway through that it was almost like a movie. Everything was just perfect, and there was so much love in the air. The music was so fun, and we just had a good time. April also loved it because it was the first wedding reception she has been to that she really remembers. She was so looking forward to this evening, and it didn't disappoint.

The beautiful bride's cake made by Sarah
Grooms cake made by Sarah. The boys all loved this one.

I really had a good time, and thought a lot about marriage and the family, and the future of these two. I also thought back to our wedding day when we just started, and how far we've come. It hasn't always been easy, but I'm sure thankful for my family being by my side every step of the way. I am thankful for the joy that marriage can bring. The joining of two people, a man and a woman, to come together to create a family. Those connections are so important, and so necessary.

Little Emma

It was the boys' first time at a wedding reception too. I'm so glad they got to witness this. It was so good for them to see what happens at a reception. To witness and understand love and all that mushy stuff. Someday they are going to (hopefully) marry and be a husband. They didn't want to be there, and the 2 littlest got bored about halfway through, but they survived. Aaron actually said he liked it at the end. I almost got him out on the dance floor too. Oh, and the food was definitely their favorite part :)


The dance floor was quite fun...


 I loved watching all the happenings throughout the evening.


The bride and the groom...


The father-daughter dance. I can remember when this father danced with me at my wedding reception. This was a very tender moment. It was hard to hold back the tears right there.


Tamara pulled April out onto the dance floor. April wasn't so sure at first, but she loved it. April told me that this is what all the stake youth dances are preparing her for!



I even got out on the dance floor! Yes, that is me dancing. I know it doesn't look like it, but I am blurry, so it's proof right? I felt so young again! We may be like 100 (as Tamara kept saying), but we've still got it!


Daddy took Alex out to the dance floor to get him moving. He didn't last long. Unfortunately, he and I never got a dance in because the kids weren't being the most cooperative.


April got really excited when cotton-eyed Joe came on. She and this girl we don't know ended up doing the whole line dance together. Guess she learned that one at the youth dances too.


And yes, there may have been some rather shady characters lurking around the reception tonight as well. Apparently they were with the groom.


They even played the Star Wars theme while they were cutting the cake. It was pretty fun.


What a fun night! I wish these two the best, and hope they have a very happy life together. Which by the looks of it, I think they will. They both were just shining all night.

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