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One More Story (A REVIEW)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

One More Story


We have had the opportunity to read some great, well-known classic children's picture books through this online reading program, One More Story. We didn't have to go searching the house or go to the library to get some of our favorites, and there were plenty of new titles that we hadn't heard before too. All we needed was the laptop or a device for a quick storytime session. For this review we received a one year subscription to One More Story.

One More Story Homepage
We received a one year subscription to One More Story with access to many great children's picture books.

What is this program and how does it work? This program is a three month, six month, or a one year subscription to access a growing library of 87 books. The kids have the option to have the book read to them or they can read it themselves, and the book is open as if the real book were sitting in front of you. When the child chooses the book to be read aloud to them it is accompanied by music and sound effects, and the words are highlighted as the narrator reads them. This is our favorite way to read books with One More Story. The child can also choose to read by themselves with the option to click the button to hear the words read aloud if they need help. At the end of each book there is an option to go over vocabulary from the book.

First, The child chooses a book from the "shelf" as if they are choosing the real book as it looks in real life.

My kiddo (age 10) who is in 4th grade enjoyed having these books read to him even though he can read them all very well. It is fun to hear the music and the sound with each story. We enjoyed sitting together on the couch listening to books at bedtime. 

Once the child has picked a book from the shelf they have the option to choose "I can read," or go straight to vocabulary. Clicking the green arrow starts the story.

I also love that this program helps the child to slow down in his or her reading. My child tends to read really fast, often skipping words. As these books are being read aloud the child is forced to go slower because the narrator and music move at a much slower pace allowing the child to really absorb the story. My boy got impatient at times during the story, but I feel like it was so good for him to slow down.

An example of a page in the story Sidney Won't Swim. The words are highlighted as they are read.

Overall, this is a really neat program. I wish I had had something like this for my older kids when they were first reading. I think it's a great way to have easy access to books for kids who are just starting to read. I think it's great even for older ones that still enjoy picture books, like I said my youngest is in 4th grade and he still enjoyed it. Everyone loves to listen to a story!

If you'd like to see what others have to say about One More Story you can click on the banner below.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing One More Story. Yes, we all love to have stories read to us. With the illustrations, narration, music and effects a world is created with each of our books.
    Happy Reading!


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