Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Art lessons

Both boys have done at least the first lesson in their home art studio DVDs.

 They both did a different version of the color wheel, and I think they both learned something new! Aaron's color wheel was much more involved, and kinda cool.


 This is Aaron's completed color wheel.


I didn't get a picture of Aric's color wheel, but here is his 2nd project. He did watercolor watermelons. It took him 2 tries for this project. he got too frustrated getting the watermelon to overlap right. So, we had to put it away the first time, and come back to it another day. He did good. 


I did this project with him to help him, and to try it out myself. He was much less frustrated the 2nd time, and more accepting of his work.


 This next art project (pictured below) isn't from the home art studio. It's just a fall popcorn tree that I did with Alex. he wasn't much interested in it, so it was mostly me. I got him to squeeze the glue out and put some pieces of popcorn on though!


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