Monday, October 26, 2015

Our week: the one with 2 pumpkin patches

Life this week:

We had a pretty busy week. It included 2 pumpkin patch field trips (we are done with pumpkin patch field trips by the way), and Daddy gone out of town for half the week.

In our school this week:

In Paths of Explorations we got all of Lesson 1, Part 1 done, and were able to start into lesson 1 part 2 this week. I think ideally we are supposed to get a whole part done in one day...but we are going to move a little slower for now until we get used to it. Hopefully we'll get faster as we get more into it.


I had these books made for each boy. It's a notebook that they'll put all their notebooking pages into. I am really pleased with how they turned out. This was inspired by a blog post at The Unplugged Family about notebooking throughout the school year. I am putting all their POE notes, and nature study pages in there. I simply did as suggested, and put some thicker printer paper together with a cover that I did on the computer, and took them to an office store to have them bound for a low price.


They are copying a poem one stanza at a time right now. This is the 2nd stanza.


The first part of POE is studying Christopher Columbus so we are reading through 2 books.


We looked at moss for our Botany studies...


In our fine arts this week:

Aric is trying out some online piano lessons at Hoffman Academy. He did 2 lessons in one day. He enjoys the online lessons.


We did a pastel art project from Hodgepodge art. This was the Columbu's ship lesson since we are studying Christopher Columbus.


We did a holiday homeart studio craft. It was fun making this candy corn garland with Aaron and Aric for art one day.


In the kitchen this week:

Aaron really wanted to bake his pumpkin down that we got from our homeschool friends at the library. He wanted to learn how to do it, so that's what we did! I don't do a lot of baking of pumpkin because we don't eat a lot of pumpkin (I'm the only one that likes it). I was excited to let him do this for me.


He got to figure out the best method of getting the pumpkin cut open and ready to bake. This particular pumpkin was huge. He opted to cut it in the wedges that I showed him. It was easier to cut it down in smaller chunks for him.


We got quite a bit of pumpkin out of it. Then we made these delicious Iced pumpkin cookies! I ate a good portion of these because I'm the only pumpkin eater. Now I remember why I don't cook anything with pumpkin in it!


Places we went:

Like I said earlier we had 2 pumpkin patch field trips this week. Those were the only thing outside of our usuall lessons and outings.

On Wednesday we went to EZ orchards farm for their pumpkin patch activities with our LIFE academy co-op.


We went to Bauman Farm's Harvest festival on Thursday with our Woodburn homeschool group. They had some fun characters, and lots of great activities.


Things we accomplished this week:

Carving pumpkins! They wanted to do it immediately after the first patch trip. I said yes even though I was exhausted. It turned out to be a perfect time to do it.


I was sick the first part of the week, so I pulled out a puzzle table to work on one evening since I couldn't really read to the kids with no voice. It worked like a charm, and Aaron even made me some honey lemon for my throat.


April made this cover for her notebook with some sheet music that she accidentally printed.


Such a good week! Now onto the next!

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