Saturday, October 17, 2015

Our week: the one with a zoo trip

It is finally starting to look like fall around here. The leaves all look so beautiful, and they are falling from the trees like snow now. We have had some beautiful sunny days this week too, which means we took some opportunities to be out and about, which also means a lot of time NOT home.


 Our week started out on Monday with a Letterboxing adventure. Some friends invited us to go with them on their first day of school tradition to go letterboxing, and I was happy to. We hadn't letterboxed for too long. I think I would like that to happen more often. We didn't get any pictures of finding the actual letterbox, probably because we only ended up finding one. But, April got some great pictures of the trails and nature. And, her feet :)


Alex on the trail...
Some beautiful red berries of some sort...

That was followed by a treat at limeberry.


Tuesday we headed to the zoo. It was a beautiful day, and we hadn't had a chance to use our new membership yet. I was itchin' to go. The animals all seemed so lively that day. We say more of the animals that we usually do.


Proof that I was there...don't they just look thrilled?


That's better, there's some smiles!


The kids always get a kick out of this sign at the elephant ears booth. We might have enjoyed one treat.


The lanterns at the cafe looked so festive, there are no animals in this picture :)


Apparently we needed to stop and make a phone call?


We stopped and did some animal reports. Or, attempting too. It's hard to get them to slow down at the zoo sometimes.


Look how beautiful it was out! So nice and sunny. With a nice Fall breeze.


The giraffes are always amazing with their super long necks. We got some great views of them.


This is the first time we've ever seen these african crested porcupines out! It was fun to watch them for a bit. And, I just realized that Alex's shirt he wore that day had a picture of a porcupine on it. It must have been the shirt! :)


Even the tigers were out and awake. Usually they are always sleeping when we come.


Wednesday was our LIFE academy co-op. I get to teach a fun class of 4 and 5 year olds. We are having fun with a different nursery rhyme each week. Of course, the empty chair in this picture is where Alex is supposed to be. I didn't realize until now that he wasn't even in the picture!


I also finished this book on Wednesday, The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes. What a great book. The struggle is very real, but I like how it ends.


Thursday is our charter day. We get to go out to the boys' charter school and hang out while they do their classes. This week featured Alex as a bingo caller. He played this for quite a while. He was so thrilled about it because we just had a fun bingo activity with our local homeschool group. He thought he was pretty cool to be the one getting spin the cage and make the calls.


My homeschool Momma friend Sammy and I played around for him. Our prize was a chocolate teddy graham if we got a bingo.



We also came home with some of our curriculum order. It's always fun to come home with a new box of books!


 The boys are going to give this a try. Trail Guide to Learning, Paths of Exploration.


 Friday morning dawned, and we found a tired Mommy with grumpy kids from such a busy week. So, we started our day out with some Jenga multiplication.



 And, a cup of hot chocolate. April made this!


That wraps up this week. How was yours?

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  1. I've read The Hundred Dresses three times for school and really like it.


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