Saturday, October 10, 2015

Making cake

I saw at Almost Unschoolers that she had found these fun mini sized cake mixes, and decided that would be a fun activity for us.


 I wanted to do the fall pinwheels that they did at Almost Unschoolers, but my children weren't interested. They each had their own cake mix, and wanted to use every part of it, even the frosting. So the pinwheels were out. It became a totally Mom hands-off activity, they wanted to do it themselves! So, I let them. April helped the littlest guy.


Aaron was pretty sure he could do it himself. He followed all the instructions! A great lesson in following instructions.


And, the finished products turned out tasty! Of course, he wanted to eat it all himself.


 I practically had to beg for a piece of each child's cake!


 Aaron decided to finish his off with some powdered sugar.


April's was the only lemon flavored one. She decided to decorate it with some Harry Potter designs.


While buying individual cakes is not practical for monetary purposes, it was fun for a one-time cake baking extravaganza. It was fun.

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