Saturday, October 24, 2015

Preschool corner week 1

Alex is my last preschooler this year. I love the preschool age, and teaching preschool. Makes me kinda sad, but made me realize that we need to make this  year special, and that I really should do a special post for him each week. I used to do special posts for my older boys when they were preschoolers, so he should get his time too.

First of all, he is very excited about his new table and chair. It's nice because it is one of those fold up tables from costco so I can just fold it up to get it out of the way (a plus for our small space), and it's just his size. He has a nice little space to work on now. It was just getting to cramped to have his preschool activities and all the big kids' work on the dining table. We definitely needed more space!


Alex had a little pumpkin theme this week since we had 2 pumpkin patch field trips on the schedule. I got all the books we have about pumpkins together.


I printed the preschool pumpkin pack at 1+1+1=1. He loves cutting lately, and took to this cutting activity really quickly.


As soon as we got home from the first pumpkin patch trip he wanted to carve his pumpkin. Instead of waiting, I decided it would be fun to just do it. Here is his carved pumpkin (with lots of Mom's help)!


The 2nd pumpkin patch trip I was able to catch some pumpkin picking action.


He counted some pumpkins (from the preschool pack mentioned above).


He colored the pumpkins. Before we started coloring though, he said "but pumpkins are orange!" I had to convince him that the pumpkins wanted to try out some new colors, and maybe even dress up as a different color for halloween. That convinced him.


He made a 'P' and a 'J' with apple/pumpkin pie playdough.


Other things he did this week (off the camera):

  • Put some puzzles together at the puzzle table with me
  • Played starfall, and typing tutor a lot. For some reason he really likes the typing game even though he doesn't really get it.

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