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Multiplication Practice (A REVIEW)

 **I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew**

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I have tried a lot of methods for practicing math facts with my kids. None of them have really stuck, and they are usually just rote memorization, which can have its place, but I am excited to share with you Math-U-See's multiplication mastery program called Accelerated Individualized (AIM) for Multiplication with a Bridge to Division. It's more than just memorization because there are hands-on elements (blocks) and methods (build, write, say, and games) to aid with remembering the facts.

Integer blocks come in a nice sturdy box

We received both physical and digital elements for the AIM multiplication program, and both are necessary to be successful with it. The physical part was the integer blocks, a resource guide, math fact strategy posters, flashcards, and an access code for the digital portion. The digital portion includes videos, printables, and all other resources necessary for each lesson. All of this is included with the purchase of the program. Internet access is also required for the digital portion as that is the only way to access it.

The resource book

The resource guide is what the teacher needs to get started and to implement the lessons. There are a total of 10 lessons with an additional 2 lessons for the bridge to division. Each lesson has digital elements including a video to watch, printables for each lesson, and digital manipulatives. We utilized both the physical and digital aspects for each lesson, but the lessons are pretty quick and move right along.

The posters. Putting the posters on the wall or somewhere visible is recommended, but I don't have wall space so I put mine in a folder in sheet protectors for quick access.

Before each lesson, I found that a little prep went a long way. Some lessons require flashcards that needed to be punched out or organized, or a poster to review, and usually always a printable for the student to work on. I would read over the lesson to see what we were to do and discuss. Every lesson begins with a video that needs to be watched online. Most lessons are split up into 4 sessions with the video being watched during the first session, and the facts being mastered throughout all the sessions.

A completed worksheet from Lesson 2 by my 7th grader. He found this to be super easy, but he's still trying to get his facts down so it's important to work through the steps.

Lessons 1 and 2 introduce the blocks and the methods used as the student will work through each of the fact groups. Finally, in lesson 3 they jump into the two facts as doubles and the commutative property of multiplication. All of this sets the stage for the students to quickly move through their facts, memorizing them and marking them off on a chart along the way.

The integer blocks are colorful and fun to use. They are utilized in every lesson.

The method that is emphasized and used throughout the program is the draw, write, say method. My boys found this a little tedious, but I found that it really helped them to remember. It's a good part of the memorization process. Along with the draw, write, say method there are games and review activities that are fun. 

Using the blocks, drawing, writing, and saying things out loud really helps the students get the facts down.

How the worksheet part of the lesson might look. This is my 4th grader (10 years) working on the Lesson 2 worksheet.

Sometimes it's just fun to build with the blocks too! My 4th grader liked to organize his blocks in a fun way, usually stacking them up so he could see them all.

This is a great program to help kids about 10 and up really get a hold of their multiplication facts. I love all the elements of this program that come together in a real hands-on fun way. I have a feeling my boys will have their facts down very quickly. If you need a way to help your kids get their facts down give it a try. There is also an addition/subtraction program too.

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