Monday, May 1, 2017

O is for Out

I don't normally get a new game for any of the abc blog posts, but this is one that we've been wanting to invest in ever since we saw it on Evantube. I couldn't come up with any letter O games, so I decided to splurge for this one, and get Speak Out.


First of all, this game is hilarious. We laughed pretty hard through most of it. Not only do you look completely ridiculous with your lips all apart and your teeth all showing, the words that come out are just hilarious. It's really not easy to talk like that! Oh, and the drull, gross!


 I thought a video would be a great way to share this game since most of it is verbal. Enjoy!

Want to see some of our past abc family fun game favorites? Here's the list:

A is for aggravation
B is for Bingo
C is for Chess
D is for Derby
E is for Evening of Games
F is for Face
H is for Hullabaloo  
I is for It 
J is for Jenga  
K is for Kitten (coming soon)
L is for Laser Maze
M is for Math
N is for Nothing yet (lol, I need an N!) 

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  1. This game has me torn! I really want to get it and try it with our family, I could only imagine the laughs, but the clean up... How do you clean the mouth pieces after each use?
    Also, have you seen Josh Darnit have fun with this one?


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